Citrine Interior Design:Design with Simplicity, Spirit and Style!

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

What good is a beautiful space if it doesn’t reflect the soul and purpose of the person who will occupy it?  Truly visionary design speaks in the voice of the company or individuals who are to inhabit the space.  At Citrine Interior Design, we believe in Simplicity, Spirit and Style.

We strive to create designs that speak with their SIMPLICITY, inspiring you to be at your best in the space.  Our surroundings have the power to open up creativity and provide a place of focus, uncluttered and clean.  Our designs will express your vision and be a voice for your SPIRIT to others who visit the space.  The look of the room can express the warmth of a future home, the efficiency of a company or the luxury of a hotel.  We listen to you to understand your design needs and to ensure that your space is communicating the right message about you with STYLE.